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Your contributions help support vital scientific research of available nutrition, supplement, diet and lifestyle to help long COVID survivors improve symptom management today and that can help improve well-being of working families and communities, as we strive to improve access to nutritional immune supportive solutions with and for people with low incomes, especially people of color. Donations like yours allow us to continue to deepen community engagement and partnerships with the scientific, medical and academic organizations, while working to provide critical awareness of much-needed support interventions at the state and local levels to ensure the effectiveness of federal policies, especially in times of crisis.


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Yes, I want to support Nutritional Supplement Foods Bank for Recovery to help those who are food insecure and lack resources to obtain the nutrition they need to recover.


Yes, I want to support the Long COVID Sciences Forum to facilitate Medical Scientific and Community Collaboration and move towards Long COVID Understanding, Recovery and Cure!


Yes, I want to support the LONG COVID information support Hotline to help those who may have Long COVID and the ones who love them get information about available resources.




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