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The LONG COVID ASSOCIATION (EIN:87-4719799) is a public USA Based IRS 501(c)3 charitable scientific research and educational non-profit organization whose mission is to help Long COVID survivors improve their symptom management and quality of life.  Working with all communities: academia, scientific, professional and medical around the world we provide scientific research, education, health equity and advocacy to improve the symptom management and quality of life of all those suffering from Long COVID.

Long COVID can have profound impacts.
You Survived COVID-19 now what?  Join  Long COVID AssociationSince the beginning of the pandemic, more than 1 million lives in the United States have been lost to the corona virus, SAR-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19.  Although many people with COVID-19 get better within 2 to 4 weeks, some continue to experience symptoms that last for months to years after their first symptoms appeared or may have new or recurring symptoms later. For some, the disease develops into the debilitating condition called Post COVID-19 Condition or Long COVID. The CDC.gov (9/29/22) reports more than 100 million people in the United States have been infected with SARS-CoV-2, the corona virus that causes COVID-19.  Anyone who has had COVID-19 can develop Long COVID and the CDC.gov conservatively estimates that more than 20 million young adults ages 18-54 years old have become newly disabled with Long COVID by this virus. Because of the unique pathology of this condition, there are over 200 symptoms that have been identified related to Long COVID condition and each of these and any combination of these symptoms exhaust, drain and take a toll on patients physical and mental well being and their loved ones who watch them suffer.  This condition does not discriminate; it strikes the young and the elderly and does not favor any race, ethnicity or gender. Long COVID does however, disproportionately discriminate and affect those who have limited access to health care and resources. These include the poor and those traditionally experiencing medical racial bias such as women and people of color.

When Work is Not the Same - Join LONG COVID ASSOCIATIONSome individuals have reported a need to adjust their work hours or stop working altogether due to chronic fatigue or cognitive impairment. One study of nearly 4,000 long COVID patients found that 45 percent reduced their work hours. For some, the change in job status can affect health insurance, further complicating treatment options. Individuals have also said their symptoms interfere with childcare, exercise and social activities. This disruption of their daily lives can cause mental health issues.   Another study used the electronic health records of more than 200,000 COVID-19 survivors and found that within 6 months following initial infection, one-third experienced neurological or psychological symptoms such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and psychosis.  

And for some folks, some mental health issues can result from an unsuspected consequence of post COVID-19 condition -- development of post-viral metabolic inflammatory conditions like hypoglycemia, nocturnal hypoglycemia, pre-diabetes, diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, obesity -- patients suffer for months on end until they find a medical provider that will consider this possibility, evaluate, treat and then manage the post viral chronic condition.  In the case of hypoglycemia and nocturnal hypoglycemia, more often than not, it takes continuous blood glucose monitoring to detect the condition because traditional lab tests with just a single data point in time often appear within “normal range.”   Using precision medicine, looking at patient trends over time, and moinitoring with a wearable continuous blood glucose monitoring can not only detect the hypoglycemic events, it can sound alarms to awaken patient to the timely development of these conditions -- normal range for one person may be slightly different from the next.  So using a continuous blood glucose monitor along with dietary interventions can help mitigate the symptoms while the patient is further evaluated with radiological studies and specialized labs.

Time is a non-renewable resource that for many who suffer from Long COVID are losing with every day that passes: time spent doing the things they love, spending quality time with the folks they care about, attending school or work, and engaging in all that life has to offer.  That in itself is its own kind of grief.  Grieving the person you were before getting sick.  Which is why we are working so hard to identify available nutritional interventions, traditional medicine that complements allopathic or western medicine

Together, We Will Solve Long COVID!

LONG COVID ASSOCIATION scientifically evaluates and researches available vitamins, nutritional dietary supplements and nutraceuticals along with specific diet and lifestyle that are immune and system supportive to help Long COVID patients with symptom management and improve their quality of life and overall well-being.










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