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Our research focus is on the scientific evaluation of vitamin, nutritional supplements, botanicals and nutraceuticals along with diet and lifestyle that help patients manage their symptoms and feel better now.  Amira’s protocol is based on priniciples of microbiology, gut-brain-immune axis connection and restoring gut tissue health and healthy microbiome.  Reduce inflammation of the gut by eliminating or significantly reducing those foods that are known to be allergens in some folk.  And supplement the diet, nutrition and lifestyle to support the commensal microbes in the gut microbiome under regular monitoring by a medical provider as gut health can change over time and amounts of specific vitamins, etc can vary as gut tissue and microbiome health improves.  Changes to your diet, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise should be done under the care of a medical provider.  This information is for educational purposes only and not meant to replace regular medical care.


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