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The LONG COVID ASSOCIATION was formed to help address several key issues and questions:

  • What can we do right now to help folks with Long COVID reduce their suffering while we work on a cure?
  • How can we get to a faster understanding of the pathology of this condition?
  • What do we have available today that helps patients mitigate their symptoms?
  • How can we reduce the alarming number of suicides among Long COVID patients?
  • How can we get everyone educated on the latest breakthroughs in molecular pathology and clinical observations to facilitate understanding, treatments for recovery and a cure among research scientists, medical providers, academia, and the community to expedite understanding and develop a cure?
  • How can we reduce the amount of time from months and years to weeks and days for diagnostics, evaluation and supportive treatments?
  • How can we improve patient doctor appointments to accommodate disability and achieve better communication?
  • How can we remove barriers to medical care and recovery and provide access to immune supportive measures that are otherwise out of financial reach to disabled Long COVID patients?
  • How can we fast track and prioritize the creation of a multi discipline laboratory dedicated to research of the immunological, molecular biological and genetic pathology and understanding of Long COVID to support the recovery of Long COVID survivors and benefit the public?

LONG COVID ASSOCIATION scientifically researches, advocates and implements programs to address and solve these critical issues and needs support to fulfill its mission.
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About the Founder - Imagination, heart and a whole lot of technical experience

In January of 2022, the Long COVID Association was founded by research scientist and Long COVID advocate, Amira A. Saleh, MS, a Graduate of George Mason University’s Molecular Microbial and Cellular Biology Masters Degree and Biology Bachelor of Science Degree programs.  Amira’s interest in public health service began in her early days at GMU when she actively volunteered at her local hospital auxiliary.   One of her friends teenage son developed leukemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. Being multi-ethnic, finding a match was not easy.  Inspired by the courage of her friend's son, Amira organized GMU’s 1st Bone Marrow Drive to help locate more ethnic donors for which there remains to this day an ongoing desperate need for a match. Over 500 donors were added to the registry that day. Amira noticed that those who would be most likely to be a bone marrow donor were the folks who already donated blood and she reached out to the American Red Cross and the National Marrow Donor Registry to encourage all blood donors to be given the opportunity to learn about bone marrow donation and to register for the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry.

Over the years,  Amira volunteered at local  area schools to teach computing to young children and she became a volunteer in preparing taxes free of charge to help elderly community through the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and the IRS Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) Programs.  Whichever organization Amira was working, she was often one of the first to volunteer to help or mentor the interns.  These high school juniors would come back the following summer and thank her.  They’d thank her for recommending that they take their two remaining senior level course History and English at the local community college, Northern Virginia Community College.  When they graduated from high school that year, they had simultaneously completed their freshmen year -- now they were a sophmore in college at Virginia Tech!  Amira has often found herself at the right time to help encourage someone who was unsure of themselves -- Amira likes solving problems, teaching and serving her community. 

With a comprehensive background in both the molecular microbial and cellular biological sciences as well as over 25 years in information technology, web development, networking and information security Amira was ready for a new mission.  When the pandemic started, Amira was asked by her Linkedin scientific community “would she take on this mission -- scientific research, education, health equity and advocacy for post COVID-19 survivor recovery?” -- It was a natural foregone conclusion that she would.

Amira A Saleh, MS  - LinkedIn Profile:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/amiraasaleh



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